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New Haven, CT

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"Be raw, be you and be ready to risk it all when it comes to pursuing your dreams."

- Valeria Hinojosa

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Established in 2002 in New Haven, Connecticut, Tri-Con Construction Managers, LLC is a 100% Minority and Veteran owned and operated Construction Management firm certified by the State of Connecticut. Our Team has extensive experience in residential, commercial, institutional and ecclesiastic projects governed by Federal, State, and Municipal codes and standards.  Tri-Con has formed strong and enduring relationships with owners, architects and contractors in both private and public environments.


School construction / renovation

has become a current topic in education. With aging

school facilities, changes in building safety codes, over-crowded classrooms, and advances in technology, State officials are faced with the dilemma to either upgrade or invest in new construction in order to bring their facilities into the 21st Century.  Tri-Con Construction Managers, LLC has constructed K-12 schools and library facilities, reaching more than 40,000 direct beneficiaries. They are all “our children" who are now attending school in an educationally adequate, safe, dry, warm, and healthful building.

We’ve all heard stories of expansion projects that divide a church congregation. The

failure to achieve consensus on a project can also occur within a church committee. In either case, the resulting strong feelings often linger for years,

undermining the very mission that brought congregants together in the first place.

Tri-Con Construction Managers, LLC specializes in church facility construction. We’ve completed many successful projects beyond the  challenges. Our ability to provide cost effective, functional and beautiful buildings have brought communities together.

Demand for new residential buildings can change rapidly, depending on the economy and interest rates. In local markets, changes in demand can be severe. Tri-Con Construction Managers, LLC has decades of experience building houses from the ground up. Whether it's affordable housing, senior homes, single family, or multiple dwelling units, our in-depth knowledge of new construction, additions, and renovations include all systems of a residential structure from start to finish. New Haven is full of the homes we've made and lives we've transformed. We're part of the City's landscape. 

With experience in the most complicated and challenging building sites and construction types, Tri-Con Construction Managers, LLC is strategically poised to perform a wide variety of projects for our clients. New Haven County is rich with history and offers great locations for new construction or renovation of one of many landmarks or buildings that need a fresh start. We also do Time and Material contracts. That's an open-ended contract for ongoing construction services which are usually entered into for emergency work, or large projects with unspecified scope.

By definition, construction planning is the step by step proposal on how a finished project will be achieved. When it comes to construction, this starts the day the idea to put up a structure is conceived. Like a detective, Tri-Con Construction Managers, LLC begin with a result (i.e. a facility design) and synthesizes the steps required to yield the result.

Tri-Con Construction Managers, LLC define project scope, schedule, and cost as early as possible with the most efficient use of resources. We use traditional processes and modern technology to drive effective information management through the entire project lifecycle. Ultimately, we help the owner determine if the project is viable or not.

Since construction is inherently a complex endeavor, everyone involved faces a variety of challenges, such as time and cost

constraints, program and quality goals, project team creation and integration, and internal organizational requirements. Tri-Con Construction Managers, LLC achieve successful delivery through a well crafted management plan, a disciplined approach to carrying it out, and effective leadership of the Team.

Tri-Con Construction Managers. LLC highlights the importance of safety within our industry, and confirms the tangible gains that can be seen across any business. Investing in resources aimed at sustainable safety excellence not only creates a safer work environment, it also increases productivity, reduces costs, enhances our reputation in the industry, and grows business.

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed."

Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)
Up From Slavery (1901)

Transitioning Communities

Eastview Terrace

New Haven, CT

Orchard Street Home Renovation

New Haven, CT

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