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TRI-CON Construction Managers hold weekly owner / architect / construction manager / safety (OACS) meetings to discuss progress, address technical issues, and update schedules. Separate planning and coordination meetings are held with all subcontractors to ensure direct input into the schedule, and develop immediate solutions where necessary.
TRI-CON Construction Managers have an established Corporate Safety Program that defines our administrative policies and procedures for the reduction and prevention of on-the-job accidents and illnesses, and the protection of the environment. These policies are our foundation for establishing safety and environmental health protection on each project without undermining the welfare of workers, administrators, consultants, or visitors.

TRI-CON Construction Managers
has a purposeful quality management system (QMS), which is a set of policies, processes and procedures necessary for successful planning and execution of any construction program. It improves our ability to meet customer requirements and maintain client relationships.



TRI-CON Construction Managers assign qualified personnel to each project according to the needs, activity, and schedule of the project. All of our Management staff hold current OSHA30 certificates, and our field personnel hold current OSHA10 certificates to promote safety and health, and to make workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights and responsibilities to work safely.

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- Julian Edelman

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